Get Paid On Time Every Month At A Fixed 8 to 9% Interest Rate

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We secure private lender funds by collateralizing their money on our real estate purchases and paying a fixed return of 8 to 9% on their funds (rate depends on amount and situation).

This way, our lenders can double their money with us in as little as eight years.

We also personally guarantee such loans and have never missed a lender payment in 30 years. Borrowed funds are backed up in a “first position deed of trust.” You are the property’s one and only lender and have a 75% LTV (loan-to-value). This means that if you were to lend us $100,000, we would match your loan to a property worth $125,000.

This 25% “cushion” protects you in the event that something dramatic happens. Ultimately, though, your protection comes from the property itself. If we ever stopped paying you (something that has never happened), you would be entitled to the the property to sell or rent out.

Such an investment is referred to as TRUST DEED LENDING because the collateral given is a deed of trust on the property loaned against.

There are no hidden fees or costs to you associated with trust deed lending.

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