Do You Have A Seller That Is Asking For Top Dollar Or Have Little To No Equity?

We Teamed Up With A New Partner That Is Buying Deals Close To Retail Value.

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You have No Obligation To Work With Us, But We Might Be Able To Make A Deal Out Of The Seller You Are Going To Throw In The Trash.

Get PAID $1,000.00 For Your Dead Lead Or Dead Contract!

Do you have a lead that you have spoken to and has asked you for top dollar or a seller under contract and can't find a buyer? Instead of throwing that lead in the trash let us turn that trash into money in your pocket.
  • We know that you work hard and pay money for your leads. So before you give us any valuable information let's talk!
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“I Can’t Find A Buyer For My Contract”

Is that you? If so, you’re in the right place and so keep reading.

If you’re a wholesaler canceling on the on the seller because you can’t disposition a deal, call me and I’ll help you turn it into a creative finance deal.

I’m not looking to take your deals or get any leads you want. Keep your best leads for yourself… And only squad up with us on your dead leads.

If you are about cancel on your seller call us or fill out the form with your information (not the sellers) so we can have a conversation to see if we can help. You have nothing to lose!

“This Seller Is Asking For Retail Prices!”

How many times do sellers ask for Zillow prices? More than I can count… Luckily me and my group are doing creative financing deals nationwide with sellers that are asking for retail prices or have little to no equity. So before you throw those leads you paid $$$ for in the garbage give us a call and we will work those leads and pay you a fee.